The final round: Pinker vs. Wieseltier on scientism

Why Evolution Is True

Hello, I must be going. I cannot stay; I came to say I must be going. Tonight is l’affaire Dawkins, so posting today will be light.

One item for your delectation: the final exchange (the third) between Steven Pinker and Leon Wieseltier.  Pinker, as you recall, wrote an article in The New Republic about the follies of the scientism, “Science is not your enemy.” That was published August 6. On September 3, Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of TNR, wrote a critique of Pinker called “Crimes against humanities.” Wieseltier also put up a 3.5 minute video, “No, science doesn’t have all the answers,” which, although not referring to Pinker, was clearly directed at Steve’s ideas.

Finally, we have the denouement: “Science vs. the Humanities, Round III.” The match is how over, and the referee holds Pinker’s glove to the ceiling.

You should…

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