Michael Enright called out for telling atheists to shut up

Why Evolution Is True

A few days ago I criticized an essay by Michael Enright’s broadcast on the CBC, “Could atheists please stop complaining?”  It was a particularly nasty piece, motivated by Ceiling Cat knows what.

But the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, had an even better post, “No, we won’t be quiet about our atheism.” Hemant’s site also put up a special cartoon by M. J. Shepherd about Enright’s piece, which was right on the mark:


On October 1, The Canadian Atheist website posted the cartoon, and among the comments was this one—from Enright’s executive producer!

Picture 1

The Canadian Atheist site updated the fallout yesterday, adding a link to the CBC’s compendium of reader comments about Enright’s piece. As the CBC notes, “The majority of the notes we received took Michael firmly to task.”  Among those notes were these two:

From Jason Rattray, in Regina:

“We’re done being polite.  And…

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