Once again “moderate” Muslims advocate subjugation of women and stoning

Why Evolution Is True

Sam Harris already posted this 7-minute clip on his site, but in case you missed it, this Muslim “peace conference”—held in Norway in May to dispel misconceptions about Islam—has in fact reaffirmed the view that Islam is far from a “religion of peace.”

The video, and the audience reaction, is unbelievable.

At 1:07, the moderator asks why the media is always focusing on the supposedly bad tenets of Islam while ignoring those of Christianity and Judaism.  One panelist responds as follows:

“The answer is very simple: Islam is the truth. And Christianity and Judaism are not the truth.”

Can you get any more cocksure or arrogant than that? So much for the claim that religionists are humble.

At about 2:30, Norwegian Islamic leader Fahad Qureshi appears and asks the audience a series of questions.

At 3:30, he asks the audience how many of them are “not radical” but “normal Sunni…

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