Fundamentalism I: Religion and creationism in UK schools

Unfortunately, I can’t eat as much as I would like to puke when I read this. I have a son, aged 2, and I sure as hell will never let any of such religious crap anywhere near him! Actually, he’s very interested in how nature works and knows the right names of all local birds. THAT’S what I like him to learn about the world, not this Accelerated Cretinism Education.

Why Evolution Is True

Today we have another two-part post, this time on fundamentalism in Europe. This post is on fundamentalism in the UK’s Christian “faith schools,” some of which are funded by the state.  To those of you in the UK: why are you tolerating government funding of religious indoctrination?  Is there no movement against publicly-funded indoctrination of children?

Whoops, I put the rant before the data. Here are some facts about a set of UK Christian schools that are not state-funded (except for the nursery schools, which are), but which provide a substandard, anti-science education that the UK government accepts as equivalent to a secular education.

Some Christian schools (and homeschooling parents) in the UK use a U.S.-devised  learning system called “Accelerated Christian Education,” or ACE.  The site Leaving Fundamentalism describes it:

Accelerated Christian Eduction is a fundamentalist curriculum from Texas, distributed in the UK by Christian Education Europe (CEE). There are…

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