Muslim sensitivity causes Malaysian printer to censor pig faces!

Why Evolution Is True

Please don’t expect deep thoughts today, as Professor Ceiling Cat is working hard. The last two posts of the day will be semi-humorous ones about religious lunacy and animals.

This first one, from the BBC, shows how far journalists in Islamic countries will go to avoid offending Mulsims.

Look at the picture of these pigs, which was from the International Edition of the New York Times published in Malaysia. It accompanied an article on the rising demand for pigs in the U.S.


WHAT? The faces of the pigs are blacked out (the normal picture in other NYT editions is below); the culprit was the Malaysian firm KHL printers.

_72513115_origThat’s not the only porcine censorship that was exercised.  As the Malay Mail Online adds:

A front-page story in the international NYT yesterday featured a picture of piglets standing in the snow, but the printers of the Malaysian edition, KHL Printing…

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