Two nice animal videos: The most happiest elephant in the world and a lion whisperer

Why Evolution Is True

I may have posted this first video before, but I couldn’t find it by searching for “elephant.” At any rate, I don’t have much information except that it purports to show a baby elephant encountering the ocean for the first time. And that seems pretty accurate. It will raise your spirits unless you’re one of those atheists who is terminally morose and nihilistic (more on that tomorrow). And, watching it, can you doubt that this animal is feeling a kind of joy as it splashes and plays about?

Here’s a brave guy, and the information on this video is this:

Animal behaviourist, Kevin Richardson, has struck up a remarkable friendship with an entire pride of lions in South Africa. Sky’s Africa Correspondent Emma Hurd reports.

NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (assuming you have lions at home).

h/t: Grania, Blue

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